What is Nimble?

nim•ble / ˈnɪmb(ə)l / adj.

1. to be quick with one‘s actions or motions

2. a simple but powerful Wolfram|Alpha menubar client for macOS

Nimble allows you to access a massive amount of knowledge whenever you need it.

Using Wolfram|Alpha, Nimble allows you to calculate and graph complex equations, convert between units, and access a treasure trove of reliable information about anything from chemistry to Beyoncé.

Nimble, in quotes.

The menubar client is every bit as intuitive as the web interface, meaning, it’s easy to use and even if you aren’t quite sure what you’re asking, there’s a good chance Wolfram Alpha will figure it out.
The Next Web
Nimble can handle pretty much anything you’d normally throw at Wolfram Alpha, including simple questions and math problems that require graphs.
In addition to the results of conventional computing tasks, Nimble can also show you the graphs of functions using the scientific search engine, provide data series, historical weather information and answers to pretty simple questions such as: “What’s the world’s population?”.
ifun.de (in German)

Nimble has been deprecated since June 2020. All releases are no longer available. All versions of Nimble are free and open-source software available on GitHub.

If you would like to view the source code of Nimble or compile it yourself, feel free to check us out on GitHub.